Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is a top priority for Priti Marine Pvt. Ltd.. We are well aware of the environmental risks in our production chain and we are committed to continued improvement of environmental protection and avoiding pollutants, both within the plant and in the surrounding environment including preventive measures.

All our business activities are driven by a strong sense of responsibility for our environment, as well as for the health and the safety of our employees. We have reputation for providing a safe work environment and strong environmental performance. In this objective, we include our contractors and suppliers as well. We implement consistent and rigorous EHS policies, standards, and management systems to optimize environmental protection, protect employees safety, health and well-being, and ensure regulatory compliance. We train our staff in health and safety, environmental protection and the environmental impact of our operations. We strive to improve our environmental performance continuously, so we undergo our processes and measurements to periodical assessments.